Press Release

If you are reading this, it means that you are on my 15000-members-list. Every month, I like to put one of you under the spotlight to show that magic can happen in this life.

Today I will present you Esther, a friend of mine that is hidden there in the list like all of you. I had not seen her for 3 years until I receive an invitation to her birthday party in this splendid house in the center of Woluwe St-Lambert. I thought ‘hmmm! She must have found a rich husband to afford such a place’. I didn’t know how wrong I was thinking like that.

I got to the party. Amazing party. Every old friend was there. I know Esther for the last 15 years. I had not seen her for a while. And there she was, joyful, relaxed and happy. What a change!

I was enjoying myself among these people. That kind of people, every time you meet them you know that 5 years have passed. And that you will keep meeting them at every crossroad of your life until the end. Finally, I managed to grab Esther’s arm between two doors and asked “Hey girl, what is this place? Is it yours?” “Yes, it is” she said with a big smile, “Do you like it?”. Of course I liked it. Who would not. “What happened? How did you do to get here?” I asked. “The last time I heard from you, you were in this small one bedroom flat with your kids after your financial crash.” I continued.

She looked at me and said “Do you remember that fear I was telling you about? That fear of the dark, that fear of the light, that fear that would not let me sleep and would grab me by the throat during the day? Do you remember our chats about it?”. Well yes, I remembered. Once you have heard about Esther’s story of struggle, you don’t forget. Not only because she is my friend. But also because her story is one of many children kept in darkness until they break through during adulthood.

I kept looking at her my eyes wide opened. She continued “On day I went to sleep after reading the scroll one of Mondino’s book. As I was doing for the last 24 days. When I woke up the day after, the fear was gone. I didn’t realize it immediately. It took me few days to feel it. But when I did, my life changed. From that day on, I began a new life. Do you know about Mondino?”  Off course I didn’t know about that Mondino’s book. What the hell was she talking about? The only thing I managed to say is “What do you mean your life changed?” She laughed. Then she talked about the chapter she had to read every day for 30 days, three times a day. She mentioned a mastermind course that changed her habits and self-confidence. I didn’t understand everything I just kept watching her face. There was sunshine in it. There were grace and happiness through her eyes and voice. I said “Okay but it doesn’t tell me how it got you to buy this place and pay it in full”.  She smiled again.

She said “This house is the story of a man who spoke the words in my ears week after week for 26 weeks. This house is the story of a book that I had to read day after day. This house is about the fear that vanished and with it, the self-pity and constant hesitation. From that moment on, within 4 months I manifested 5 placements in permanent contracts. Then another 20 placements before the year was ended. And guess what, I did more than 40 placements the second years of activity. 700,000 euros gross income in the 2 first years of activity. What do you think?”

The more she spoke the more amazed I was. I wanted to know more. But a loving man came, whispered something in her ears. She laughed, excused herself to me, kissed the man on the lips and off they went to other groups of the party. I didn’t got another chance to talk to her in private.

Hmmm! I still want to know more. I guess you do too.

Keep connected. We will get more of that success story.


One thought on “Press Release

  1. Esther, I LOVE your press-release!!! What a lively, real picture! And lots of sense of humour you have!! WOW, girl, can’t wait to see your friend’s face in 3 years on that party!!


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