Week 3. I didn’t know it was a mean and not a goal

Last year, I left my job to embrace full time the profession I used to dream about. Back then, working full time doing what I love was my major goal. And I achieved that goal. My DMP until this week was written focussing on an income that is massively increasing in my new profession.

However, this week, I realized while doing the exercices that, where last year, my “own business full time” was a “goal”, today “my own business” turned into a “mean”.

That was a major breakthrough for me because, since week 1, my DMP was focussing on the “mean”. My current frustration in life is based on the fact that the work done in the business is not paying off to the level I was expecting. The frustration is hard to overcome and believe in a DMP that is written in a way to produce more frustration and is self defeating. I had to rewrite it completely and focus on the person I am to become while acquiring and mastering the skills that will help me double my income.

We are week 3 and I have a brand new DMP.



Hello, I'm no longer MKMMA 2014 student, see U in 2015

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