Week 14. We are what we think about

“We are what we think about”. Well yes, I agree. I understand the concept. I do my best to keep up with positive thinking. That’s what I would have said up until Dec 31st in the morning.

Something happened that morning. I woke up rested. Took my readings and did my sit-in. A thought came: “How quiet the morning is when the children are with their father.” Then the sequence of thoughts continued. “For sure they will enjoy the new year celebration tonight”. “The firework is fantastic in the city center”.

At that moment, came a flashing thought of my boy of 7, lost in the crowd while everyone else was enjoying the firework in the freezing cold of the new year eve. That thought felt like a blade through in my heart, triggering sweat and distress in my entire body. I was flooded with negativity.

I grabbed all my readings and smiled: “Aha! That’s what it really means? We are what we think about.”  We are in week 14 and it is only know that I “understand” what it really means. I understand what Mark means when speaking about “peptides” and “reading with gusto”. It means that the thoughts around my DMP must have the same intensity as the thought I had about my boy. They should flood my mind and wash over me but with joy and gratitude.

We are in week 14 and I have to say that up until now the intensity level was very average. The thoughts around my DMP were pleasant thoughts with a mild intensity of joy and gratitude. But now I know better 🙂



6 thoughts on “Week 14. We are what we think about

  1. Awesome connection! And congratulations on generating the emotion needed! (I’m still working on it – like you, my feelings around my DMP are pleasant and positive, but not yet intense.)


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