Week 13. October Sky

rocket1I know now that persistence mixed with love and topped with kindness is the fuel that would get any rocket to success. While I was watching the film, a negative thought came up “Yeah, it’s a movie, for sure he is going to get the scholarship. In the real life, he would be among the 99 others that would go all the way and get turned down”. Then I realised it was based on a true story.

I grabbed my DMP and the pile of gratitude and achievement cards. A question came. Is this all about choice and decision? Can one choose and decide to be The One? But if the prizes of life are at the end of the journey, how do I know if I will be the One who gets the medal or if I am among the 99 that will be turned down?

skyFor sure I don’t know how many steps are necessary to reach my goal. What I know is that DMP + PMA+ POA + MMA = a great movie. In the movie of my life, I want to win the scholarship to manifest my DMP. It is all about choice, decision and the willingness to pay the price.



4 thoughts on “Week 13. October Sky

  1. You are The One, you can achieve the scholarship and your Dharma. Choose it, work for it as if it’s already real, and as Earl Nightingale says, “it will become infallibly real.”


Hello, I'm no longer MKMMA 2014 student, see U in 2015

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