Week 11. Did you say ‘phone call based business’?

My story about overcoming the fear of  calling.

In September, I left a well paid banking job to start as freelance headhunter.fear 3

I had no experience in recruitment but had a great mentor and business partner. He believed in me as I believed in him. He would coach me until I gain full autonomy.

The very first day, he said “always remember that you are now in a phone call based business. The day you forget your phone at home, it will be considered as a day off and you are not paid on day off. Is it clear?”.

Very clear, it is indeed, I mumbled.

Two months later. I had not done a single deal. And none was in sight. Panic was starting to rise in my stomach. Bills were waiting. But they could not wait for very long.

I spoke to my mentor and shared that two months had past and that I was starting to worry that this business might not be for me. (My old blueprint was feeling insecure and had started to whisper that I should think of going back to the bank and beg to be reintroduced to my position).

My mentor looked at me and quietly said “do you remember this is a phone call based business?”

I frowned and replied “Well, yes. We are calling all day long”.

He smiled and said “I am glad you said ‘we’. Because I wonder how many calls you do per day.fear How many yesterday?” I checked my working spreadsheet. I froze. I had done only two. He saw I was embarrassed.

He smiled and said  “This is what we’re going to do. Sit here, count how many calls  I do per hour and listen to what I say. Ready?”

I took a pen, sat comfortably in a chair and waited. Not for long. He did 7 calls in 15 minutes. After 20, he sent me for a break.

When I returned he insisted “This is a phone call based business. It is not a job for shy people, neither for lazy people, nor for those who are not prepared to do the work. You choose. I can cover your bills for this month but you’ll be indebted to me. Or you just do the work. As I know, you are neither shy nor lazy.”

I sat and did the work as if it was my first day. Within 2 weeks I closed 3 deals.


Every day, my mentor says to me “you’re not far from full autonomy. It will not take long before you drive a car like mine and send your kids to private school.”  (So does repeat the gal in the glass every evening)

My needs are recognition for creative expression and autonomy 🙂


8 thoughts on “Week 11. Did you say ‘phone call based business’?

  1. Great work and thank you for sharing your experience. “Do it Now” is the mantra and “I will persist”! Can’t wait to hear more.


  2. Great Blog Esther! I’m pulling for you and your new business. I can’t wait to hear how well you’ll be doing…And like Diane the mantra of “Do it Now” and ” I will persist until I succeed” is key.


  3. Fantastic post Esther. You are a ‘successful, talented and respected Headhunter’. Remember that always. Everyone has to start somewhere. Those first few hurdles can feel like huge mountains in our mind because of the fear of the unknown. Look how far you have come in a few short weeks and celebrate.


  4. Your blog really resonates with me Esther, it is exactly what I needed. It is time for me to pick up the phone and do the work as if it were my first day. Great blog, thank you


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