Week 6 Keep on reading about love

I love the scroll 2. The combination of reading it out loud and the sit in, is just amazing. I get to feel all the love that is already there, in my heart.  Although I get to feel it, I am still struggling in letting it flow out as a continuous flow. There are moments in the day I know there is no love flowing out of me. Hmmmm! I need practice there 🙂  I’m getting better every day in my new profession. I love what I do. So I have no doubt that at the game of love, I’ll get better too. Let’s keep on reading about love 🙂

Sans titre


7 thoughts on “Week 6 Keep on reading about love

  1. Oh, yes, let’s!
    Won’t it be great, in twenty or thirty years’ time, when that love is spreading around the world, soothing hatreds, opening hearts, leading people to their soul’s dream?
    And we get to be a part of it!!


Hello, I'm no longer MKMMA 2014 student, see U in 2015

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