Week 3 Confession

Today is a great day.

I received a letter from Sandra in my letterbox. I could not dream of a better gift these days I am reworking my DMP, fighting resistance and digging deeper to understand what is my purpose in life and accepting it.

I have to confess that until this last Friday, I was doing all my exercises with care. Putting the enthusiasm required. Three times a day. But I know now that the depth was not there. Until that moment where I read same as every day scroll 1 aloud, then the BPB, them my DMP. I heard my voice. I heard the words. As if it was for the first time.  I stopped for a moment. My eyes were watering. I think at that moment it hit me that the journey within had started. My deepest wish is to be brave enough to go until the end. Until I find that endless source of joy within I have been looking for, for so long.


6 thoughts on “Week 3 Confession

  1. Beautiful. So nice to come to this realisation. And we’re only starting. It feels like we’re peeling away the layers of an onion, to get to the core. “I have lived like an onion plant, and it has not pleased me…” :-). Good luck with everything !

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  2. Hi Esther. Wow! I want what you’ve got! I am so excited for you. I’m still not there with my DMP. I don’t think I have ever really given myself the freedom to allow myself to. Gosh we are all so on different journeys and yet we are all so connected. My deepest wish is to also go until the end with you. xxxooo


  3. I am so happy for you!
    Be brave! Be bold! We will all lock arms and be with each other through this adventure and right up into the next one!
    And, hey, if you haven’t already, read Fabiana’s Week 3 – Happiness as a state of being; I think it will resonate with you, too!


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